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The Rollercoaster of Progress -am I going in the right direction...?

What's Up Rebel Fam,

Now, I've gotta tell you, the fitness journey isn't a straight line; it's more like a rollercoaster. But with these tracking methods, you'll be riding that rollercoaster like the real rebel you are...

1. **Accountability Buddy:** Are you ready to conquer your fitness journey? Find yourself a partner! Grab a friend, a family member, or someone at the gym who won't let you bail on leg day. Hell, it can even be that weirdo you do all the zoom calls with. Regular check-ins, sharing wins, and being each other's hype squad – that's the secret sauce for epic consistency! And consistency is the name of the game.

2. **Workout Journal:** Imagine this as your fitness diary, but cooler. Jot down your workouts like you're crafting a masterpiece. Note the exercises, reps, and weights you're crushing. Write about how you feel after the workout. This journal isn't just paper; it's your journey in ink, Incorporate #1 and see how this journal screams progress and strength gains!

3. **Activity Tracker:** Meet your new fitness wingman – the activity tracker. Whether it's a fancy fitness watch, like Whoop, Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, or a slick smartphone app, it's your ticket to tracking your daily moves. It counts steps, checks your heart rate, and even estimates those calorie burns. Get ready to crush those step goals, even when you're running errands, not just at the gym! Side note: they are not very accurate tracking calories but the habit of pushing yourself to burn more calories can be a fun challenge on those trackers.

4. **Food Diary:** Think of this as your foodie memoir. Write down everything you eat and drink, including those sneaky portion sizes. And by the way, BE HONEST! Remember, 99% of caloric restriction diets work, you might not be following the one that works best for you! This little journal keeps you honest and aware of your munching habits. It's your secret weapon against those tempting snack attacks.

5. **Progress Photos:** You don't need to forget the scale; but the mirror can be magical! Take epic progress photos from different angles and the same lighting conditions. Watch your transformation unfold like a movie montage. And remember, the mirror is your best hype person!

Stay consistent, stay patient, and keep crushing it, because progress is happening if you are being consistent. Keep riding those ups and down, it's part of the journey.

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