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The Rebel Way - we don't settle for anything less than 110%. Our relentless commitment to excellence drives us to create fitness programs based on industry-proven methods. We keep things fresh and dynamic, ensuring a consistent journey towards improved physical fitness.


Our 45 minute dynamic workouts use sub-maximal weights and maximum speed to improve speed-strength, power, and explosiveness.


Unleash your inner powerhouse with Power 45, the 45-min strength class that elevates your physical and mental strength to new heights.

Winter 2023 Classes:

*Class types are updated on mesocycle


Discover an invigorating 40-minute full-body session designed to amplify your strength and refine your physique. Engage in a series of targeted movements carefully crafted to push weight away from your body, igniting key muscle groups such as the chest, shoulders, triceps, and quads. Dive into a dynamic array of exercises like bench presses, shoulder presses, tricep pushdowns, and squats to cultivate robust muscle definition and foster overall stability on the anterior side of your body.

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